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Raya (Rachel) Gadilova

May 06, 1949 - Aug 22, 1991

12 Elul 5751

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Dedicated to the memory of our beloved and loving mother, Raya Rachel Gadilova-Fatakhova.

Rahel Fatakhova-Gadilova was born in 1949 in Kokand. Her parents were Ari Fatakhov, a lawyer, and Frekho Zaurova, a homemaker. After school, she enrolled and successfully graduated from the pharmaceutical department of the Kokand Medical School and the vocal department of the Fergana Music School.

In 1975, she married Yuri Gadilov and moved to Namangan, where she worked at a music school. In 1983, they moved to Dushanbe, where Rahel worked in the pedagogical institute in the music department. She continued her education, enrolling in the pedagogy and psychology faculty of the Dushanbe Pedagogical Institute, despite already being a mother of three children.

In 1990, Rahel and her family repatriated to Israel and settled in Holon. However, she was diagnosed with a severe and incurable illness shortly after moving. She passed away in August 1991. During her time in Israel, Rahel managed to validate her educational diplomas.

Raya was known for her incredible kindness, integrity, and care. She deeply loved all her family and friends, always striving to help those in need. We, her children and grandchildren, deeply regret that she left us so early, unable to witness her already grown children and grandchildren. People like our mothers are like bright stars in the dark sky. Her memory will always be with us.

Together with her husband, Yuri, they raised three wonderful children: Mikhail, Evgenia, and Tolik (Ariel).

The eldest son, Mikhail, an engineer, resides in Canada with his wife Evgenia and two charming daughters, Sapir (2002) and Revital (2008).

Daughter Evgenia is an art teacher in a Waldorf school. Alongside her husband Alik, head of the IT department at Qualcomm, and their daughter Eti (born 2012), they live in Tel Mond, Israel.

The youngest son, Tolik (Ariel), co-founded the MyPart app and works at Google. Together with his wife, Anya Zlatkin, a social worker, they are raising two delightful boys, Eovali (born in 2017) and Levi (born in 2020). They happily reside in Rosh HaAyin, Israel.

Our mother has always and will continue to exemplify perseverance, diligence, thirst for knowledge, and tender love for parents, siblings, nephews, and nieces. Taking her warm light with her so early to the heavens, she left a lasting trace of nobility and tenderness in our world. Her legacy lives on in her wonderful children and grandchildren, each carrying a drop of her kindness and wisdom.

You left too soon, departed from our gaze,
In sorrow and love, we walk memory's maze.
Dearest, beloved mother, our guiding light,
Without you, life's path feels dimmed, less bright.

The echo of your laughter, a cherished song,
In our hearts forever, you still belong.
A beacon of warmth, kindness, and care,
Life's journey without you feels heavy to bear.

But your legacy lingers in every breeze,
In rustling leaves, under moonlit trees.
 mother's love, a bond that won't sever,
In our hearts, you're present, forever and ever.

Husband Yuri Gadilov, children Michael, Ari (Toli), Evgenia with their families. Relatives and loved ones.


Sveta And YAKOV K. , Sep, 11 2023

Evgenia, Israel Aug, 25 2023

Мы всегда помним о тебе. Спи спокойно!

Эник, United States Aug, 09 2023