Our mission

The memory of our ancestors is sacred. It is important for each of us to light a candle, say a prayer, go to the cemetery, and gather relatives for a memorial service (Yushvo) at least once a year. We fulfill our duty, and our soul feels lighter.

Modern life is fast-paced. People are scattered across different countries and continents, and they have to use every minute and every moment of their lives wisely. All the achievements of modern science and computer technology are aimed at this. Our website aims to use them to facilitate the performance of ritual rites in memory of the dead.

The advantages are undeniable. You can have a permanent place on the site, which means that any of your relatives, wherever they live, can easily and visibly participate in the sacred process of remembering the dead virtually. You can light a candle, say Kaddish, express your condolences, remember the biography of the deceased, refresh your memory of his good deeds, and, most importantly, involve your children, raising their level of spiritual awareness.

Versatile information will help you choose a rabbi, find out the time and place of burial and the yushvo held on any given day in any part of the world, place an obituary on the internet and share the page with your relatives and friends. The site has an automatic system for translating the date of death from the Gregorian calendar to the Hebrew calendar.

In addition to placing various types of ads and promotions, visitors will be able to see genealogical information about their families - (Avlods) on the site. Who, where and when did your ancestors live? This is what we are proud of, and it has historical and cognitive significance for our descendants.

May God bless you!