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Michael Yadgarov

May 03, 1910 - May 15, 2003

13 Iyyar 5763

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On May 15, 2003, our dear and beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, Yadgarov Mikhail Petrovich, passed away

He was a person of a very bright soul, kind and compassionate. He lived a challenging and complex life. At the age of seven, he lost his father, and his mother became a widow at a very young age with two young children. She had to send her son to an children's boarding school, where he received his primary education. He was always very cheerful and lively. He achieved everything in his life on his own. He graduated from a medical college. Then, he moved to Tashkent and graduated from Tashkent University, becoming a certified pharmacist. For several years before the Great Patriotic War, he was in charge of the city health department in Fergana. From 1941 to 1948, he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army, starting as a private and rising to the position of assistant chief of the medical unit, going through the entire war. In all subsequent years until retirement, he held responsible positions. He was the head of the industrial department of the regional executive committee in Fergana. Throughout his life, Mikhail Petrovich helped the Bukharian Jews in every way he could: he found them jobs, donated large sums of money to the synagogue, and helped them get into universities. The Bukharian-Jewish community of the entire Fergana region respected and admired him.

WW2 combat awards

The memory of this wonderful husband, father, grandpa and friend will forever remain in the hearts of his children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, and loved ones. For all who ever met him or knew him!

Loving daughters Alla-Nella, son-in-law Iosif-Boris, grandchildren: Enrico, Arthur, David, Zhanna, grandchildren and great-grandchildren


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