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Yakov Gulyaev Mikhaylovich

Jan 04, 1937 - May 02, 2007

14 Iyyar 5767

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Yakov Mikhaylovich's Life Journey: Triumphs Amidst Challenges

Yakov Mikhaylovich Gulyaev was born in Fergana, Uzbekistan, in 1937. The trials of the post-war era marked the early years of Yakov Mikhaylovich's life. He grew up practically without parents, carrying the weight of his father's heroic sacrifice on the frontlines in the battle against fascism during World War II. His upbringing was taken on by dedicated relatives, his aunt and uncle, while his younger siblings, Yefim and Galina, were raised in an orphanage. Nonetheless, despite these challenges, he excelled academically, completing his schooling and studies at the Ferghana Construction Institute.

With a higher education diploma, Yakov Gulyaev embarked on his professional journey as a civil engineer in Kokand. His engineering talent and abilities exceeded his age, quickly propelling him to the position of chief engineer in a major construction firm. His company constructed commercial and residential buildings across the entire Ferghana region.

Juggling a high position and significant responsibilities at work, Yakov Mikhaylovich always remained a devoted husband and caring father. Alongside his wonderful wife, Asea Batsanelova, they raised three remarkable and close-knit sons. Each son received a vital education and upbringing from their parents. Yakov also brought his younger brother and sister into his family, guiding them toward success.

In 1988, the family began a new life, moving to the United States. They initially settled in New York and, after ten years, relocated to Phoenix, Arizona.

Navigating the challenges of immigrant life, they had to start anew. However, even in America, Yakov Mikhaylovich continued working tirelessly. Without losing optimism and hope, he continued to work almost until his last days.

Unfortunately, you passed away too early, missing the weddings of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His memory will forever remain in our hearts.

Forever remembering: wife, children, grandchildren.

Mikhail, Sep, 08 2023

Mike, Sep, 08 2023

RIP dear Yakov

Enrico, United States Sep, 08 2023