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Roza Kandinova Kalendareva

Aug 20, 1932 - Feb 14, 2018

29 Shevat 5778

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In August 2023, it would have been the 91st anniversary of the birth of our dear mother and grandmother, Rosa Kandinova.

With deep sorrow and respect, we remember our remarkable mother – a bright representative of Bukharian-Jewish women from Kokand. Her life was filled with incredible kindness, wisdom, and love for her loved ones.

We often overlook that having a loving mother is a true luxury. The pain of loss after a dear one departs from life cannot be replenished.

Beloved and loving parents don't die; they ascend to heaven, leaving us their precious legacy. The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are the invaluable memory of their love for us.

She was a wonderful mother and an authentic life teacher for her children. Her upbringing and support helped raise two amazing and extraordinarily talented children who continue to carry her legacy forward.

Being an excellent homemaker, she created an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in her home. Her hands worked magic in the kitchen, filling the house with aromas and laughter.

Moreover, she was a devoted and loving wife to Abram Benjaminovich Kandinov, supporting her husband at every stage of their shared journey. Her love and care shone brightly, illuminating the lives of all who surrounded her.

The memory of our mother will forever remain in the hearts of those who had the privilege of meeting this refined woman. Her kindness, wisdom, and love inspire us towards better paths, serving as an example and guidance for future generations.

We often reread the poems written by our mother in a small collection of verses titled "Mother's Love."

These verses transport us back to reality, where we feel her love for children, family, and nature that enveloped her.

You lived a long and happy life, experiencing the full spectrum of joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. But in our eyes, the light of your genuine maternal tenderness always shone, and you remained unwaveringly our natural mother. Your love and care warmed us like a cozy blanket on cold days.

Today, as we bid farewell, the world accepts your mortal form, yet the memory of you will forever reside in our hearts. You are a part of our journey, a part of our history. May the earth rest gently upon your body, and may your kindness and love shine over us like stars in the night sky.

Children: Yakov and Laura with their families. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren.