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AVROH The candle of remembrance will
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Site will
allow you:
  • Post obituaries in any language
  • View photographs of loved ones
  • Light a candle and read a prayer
  • Learn of exact Hebrew funeral repast times
  • Post and send information regarding any event
  • Learn of our traditions and ceremonies
  • Invite friends and relatives to light a candle.
  • Learn of daily events

Our mission

1. From the dawn of time, mankind bowed to the sacred memory of its predecessors. It is a duty of ours to light a candle, say a prayer, visit a cemetery, and gather loved ones for a wake-“yeshiva”. As we take the time to fulfill this duty, comfort sets upon our souls.

2. Modern day life zooms by intensively; it throws people apart onto different countries and continents; it demands that every second, every precious moment is spent wisely. Advances in technology and computer science have been applied to optimize our every day lives. The purpose of our web site it to capitalize on such technologies and employ them in order to simplify rituals and traditions that honor the ones who had passed on.

3. Benefits are irrefutable. For instance, you can obtain a permanent spot on the site, which means that any of your relatives no matter where they are, can easily and actively take part in the hallowed commemoration rituals; they can light a candle, read the caddish, express their condolences, reflect on the life story and accomplishments of the departed, and most importantly they can involve the younger generations thus encouraging their spiritual self-discovery.

4. Multifaceted information menu will enable you to pick a rabbi in any of the world’s destinations, find out times and locations of burials and scheduled yeshiva on any desired date, order and place an online obituary. Through our site you will also be able to order a spot at any cemetery, locate the best tomb stone makers as well as select a style and design of the text. Our automated system will convert any common calendar date of death into its Hebrew equivalent.

5. In the near future, our site will provide its users with access to maps and detailed information on cemeteries in Israel, New York, Europe, Russian Federation, and - what is specifically essential to Bukharin Jews - in most of the Central Asia metro areas. In addition to placing advertisements, site visitors will be able to add gynecological data of their lineages – avlods, thus promoting the value of historical self-awareness.

God Bless!